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Getting the best deal for your home contents insurance renewal

In the UK, the home insurance companies make substantial profits each year all because a significant number of existing customers just go with the renewal quote from their home insurance provider. Most people naturally, but often mistakenly, assume that because their first years' premium was competitive they will continue to be getting the best deal. Wrong! It is because people are loathe to change that people get charged 5%,10%,20% more than the market price. In reality it is existing customers that can end up paying for discounts your insurance company offers to attract new customers. The benefit of the new company discounts is that they want to secure new business - not just your premiums, but the contact details. If you become their home insurance customer, they can offer you additional discounts for things like car insurance, travel insurance and even pet insurance. This can also save you further money, incidentally. Each year therefore it pays to shop around to see the best deals available. On websites you can compare new customer discounts such as on Home Contents Insurance UK and on Compare Home Insurance where the latest discounts are listed and can be compared. Once you have the competitive quotes, you can either simply go with the best of the new quotes (so you can come back to your old insurer next year) or actually challenge the old company to beat the price. But then, hey, isn't it simply worth just making the change?

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