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Firework safety goes up in flames leaving UK homes damaged.

Guy Fawkes Night could literally be a case of playing with fire for UK householders planning to celebrate at home.

Research from Churchill Home Insurance reveals almost two million British homes have been damaged previously as a result of stray fireworks ? each incident costing an around ?300 in damages.

The research reveals nearly 5,500,000 households are getting ready to celebrate "5 November" at home - or at the homes of family and friends this year. However, many are not aware of firework safety advice. 35% don?t know or haven?t heard of the Firework Code, and 10% even admitted to having used petrol or lighter fluid to start a bonfire at home.

Over 20% of householders don?t know the right distance to stand away from a firework when lighting, and almost a 25% don?t know how to dispose sparklers safely.

Martin Scott, Head of Home Insurance at Churchill, said: ?Those planning on celebrating Bonfire Night at home this year should really take the time to observe a few safety precautions first. Personal safety and preventing potential damage to property should be at the forefront of householders? minds on Bonfire Night, and remembering a few simple rules could help to significantly reduce the risk of accidents.?

Please take care of the following advice to householders, keeping you safe on Bonfire Night: When buying fireworks, make sure they comply with BS 7114 and are clearly marked for their intended use "Indoor, Garden or Display"

  • Keep fireworks in a sealed box or tin
  • Use them one at a time, replacing the lid immediately
  • Never put fireworks in your pocket
  • Read the instructions carefully, using a torch or hand lamp. Neveruse a naked flame
  • Light fireworks at arms length using a taper or a firework lighter
  • Stand well back and never return to a firework after it has been lit, it could explode in front of you
  • Ensure that all children are well supervised when in the vicinity of fireworks
  • Neverthrow fireworks
  • Keep pets and animals indoors at all times
  • Take care of sparklers; wear gloves to hold them and dispose of them in a bucket of water as soon as they are finished...

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