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HSBC launches new insurance campaign

Home Insurance Offer from HSBC

HSBC is launching a new campaign to promote its Home Insurance product to customers. The campaign, will be sent throughout November to 700,000 HSBC customers.

The campaign uses old wallpaper themes, and runs with the catchy line "who would you trust to update your home cover?"

Consumers can make the most of the chance to get 25 per cent off their HSBC Home Insurance, and those who are unable to commit online are entered into a prize draw with the chance of winning a massive ?15,000 - the quid pro quo is that they must tell HSBC the date of their home insurance renewal.

The campaign manager at HSBC said: ?It?s essential for us to recognise our existing customers and thank them for their loyalty to and trust in the HSBC brand. This mailing sends a strong message that our insurance offering is reliable and trustworthy, but does so with great creativity.?

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