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Insuring your home for high value

Insuring your home for high value

Not all home insurance is the same. Having a high value on the contents or the buildings can mean that you need to shop around when looking to secure your possessions.

It is a fact that the many homeowners and those dwelling in rented accommodation do not have sufficient contents cover.

Moreover, of those that do have cover, one in five claimants are under-insured almost two thirds of the costs of replacement.

You can try to buy a high value house insurance policy - these will cover additional things such as cover outside your place of residence, when on holiday, or on a day out. There will be some limitations but high value insurance policies will cover the additional risk to the insurers by additional premiums.

Individual items over £1000 - there should be no problem ensuring this. All that should be needed is to know the overall contents, the sum insured and the overall sum within that total for valuables, because on a normal policy you will have to identify the actual items whereas in a high value policy this will be taken as read.

Moving House - with a high value policy, all contents will (or should) be fully covered during your move. A standard policy will typically exclude or be restricted in the cover offered in these circumstances.

Finally, the one which catches out most claimants - the basis of claims. A high quality policy will provide new for old, but a standard policy may have deductions or restrictions when it comes to replacements.

In summary, a high value house insurance policy will provide the cover you would get as a standard house insurance policy but should also provide a number of great benefits not available on your standard house insurance policies. Home Contents Insurance

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