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Buildings Insurance - the sky's the limit when the roof gets blown away

Apparently, more than one and a half million roofs were damaged last year, mostly by high winds. This amounts to a whopping 200 million tiles, a two point five billion pound cost of repairing damage when water leaks into property when the roofs were damaged.

In the last year there has been a number of high-wind storms and as such the number of cars, plants, furniture, windows and outbuildings have suffered as tiles fall and strike nearby objects, as well as causing damage to other tiles and the roof.

It all makes good work for the roofing industry, of course, but it doesn't make the insurance costs come down too quickly. Winds can cause a great deal of damage both from dislodged and falling tiles but also what they strike (or what's exposed in the house) when the big winds blow.

It makes sense therefore to inspect your roof often to avoid claims, because by building up a big no claims discount you can save on the cost of your home buildings insurance, especially when combined with home contents insurance.

Buying a house is the biggest and most important thing we will buy in our lifetime, and also includes treasured items and possessions. The cost to repair our house or replace goods can be enormous, so it?s vitally important to have both buildings and contents insurance.

Unlike buildings insurance, contents insurance is entirely optional if the property is owned by you. Imagine though if you were burgled, your home was flooded or was even damaged by fire. This is where your contents insurance comes into play. Am excellent contents insurance policy should cover the cost of completely replacing any of your possessions should they be damaged or stolen.

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