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Handy Tips to Ensure Your Home is Fully Protected

Handy Tips to Ensure Your Home is Fully Protected

The basic facts are that

  • - Every 37 seconds a home somewhere in Britain is burgled.
  • - Every year there are over 1 million burglaries and attempted burglaries.
  • - 20% of households experience more than one incident a year. 13% are burgled twice and 7% three or more times.

    This means it is vitally important that you are insured against losses that may be incurred if you are unlucky enough to be burgled.

    Taking Pictures Or A Video is a good idea; record for posterity the items in your home. If you take pictures, you can write on the back of them the details of the items in the pictures. If you are able to take a video, talk as you walk from room to room (ie what items are in the room, when and where you bought them and for how much). The fact you have an independent record of your stuff is very useful if you ever come back to find your things missing, or if you aren't very good at keeping receipts, like many people.

    On a rainy day you could make out an inventory; this would be valuable not only for the possibility of burglary but also in case there as a fire; fire can destroy so many things so quickly and if you're not home, there is likely to be more damaga than if you are around to stop it or at least call the Fire Brigade in time.

    Your inventory should include price, serial number where applicable, where and when you bought the thing, in short, making it easy for the insurance company to process a claim should one be necessary.Finally, if you are smart enough not to have had to make a claim, you will be entitled to a No Claims Discount! For example, Norwich Union Home Contents Insurance offer 30% if you have not made a claim in 5 years; you can also find that Churchill Home Contents Insurance will give you up to 35% discount online, plus up to 25% discount on contents cover when you buy it together with buildings cover.

    Add this to your efficient recording of your stuff and you could not be in better shape!

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