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Reducing the cost of your home insurance

If you are moving home, and need to get a new home insurance policy, it is well worth looking at the doors and windows first. Do they have the right locks on them ? A five lever mortice key lock is essential to reduce your premiums, and it will discourage burglars as well because they are hard to break and noisy as well if they try to force them. That?s why insurance companies will reduce premiums for customers if their doors are secured this way. Also, if your windows don?t have locks on, this can also be helpful in reducing your liability and costs when seeking a new policy.

Outside you can install security lighting and gates; movement detector lights can switch on when big things move outside (you can also install CCTV which will add to your defences!) ? don?t forget the annoying gravel drive ? so that it is most inconvenient for a potential thief to creep up and break in; if you can make it as difficult and as noisy as possible to get at your property then you are well ahead in keeping your things secure.

When you are away, the important thing is to cancel milk and newspaper deliveries; also, you can stop the post coming but the best thing to do is to have someone either house-sit during your absence or at least come in from time to time to move curtains, switch on lights and make sure that the house doesn?t look unlived in. This is especially important if you?re going to be away for two or three weeks because that can make a passer-by notice the empty house if it looks the same , bleak, unloved and the unmown lawn is a real giveaway when all the other gardens are nicely kept.

Internally you can reduce your potential costs by installing a smoke alarm, of course by installing a burglar alarm, and preferably one that notifies the police. You must ensure that you use these correctly because in some places if you give too many false alarms then the police will not attend if signalled again and again by the same household. If your alarm can alert nearby neighbours, so much the better. It?s always worth having someone on hand to come by and look out for your property. Loud alarms will send a burglar packing in short order!

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