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Ways to reduce the home contents insurance premiums

1 - Increase your excess if you will only be claiming for big amounts. It can be increased ? this is, to the insurance company, a direct saving for them off the bottom line. Take care to see what effect this may have on the policy price, but in general raising the excess to ?250 or ?500 could save significant sums from your premiums. This will be a small price to pay if you have a big claim, but if you are sure that you don't need to make lots of little claims, this is undoubtedly a thing worth doing to reduce your home insurance costs.

2 - Ask the insurance company what you can do to reduce your premiums. They will be very happy to tell you the kinds of measures that will end up turning the policy into a smaller financial burden. For example, security locks on windows, deadlock bolts, fire alarm systems, smoke detectors are all small things that could be added to reduce your likely premium when it comes to renew your home insurance policy.

3 - check that the policy works for you - don't buy a policy that has great cover for, let's say, jewellry if you don't actually possess anything which costs a reasonable amount of money.

4 - watch out for questions that insurers ask. Swimming pools and trampolines may increase your risk as far as the insurance company are concerned, so whilst you need to tell the truth on the application (otherwise you won't be able to make a successful claim anyway) you might need to shop around at one of the online deal compare sites (such as Home Contents Insurance ) to see whether there are any restrictions.

5 - Shop Around ! If you have been with the same company for many years, it is very likely that you are paying too much for your home insurance. Look at the introductory discounts available (currently, Tesco Home Insurance are offering 50% off to new customers ; but there are always deals available if you shop around and there are good sites out there such as Home Contents Insurance that will guide you in the right direction. It's never too late to save money with your home insurance policy ... and enjoy the savings all year long!

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