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Fire Insurance Hazards to avoid and reduce your premiums

Don?t be the victim of an electrical fire ? this can seriously affect your home insurance premiums, and also be really dangerous to life and limb. Each year, incorrect wiring, badly installed circuits and extension chords that burn holes in your carpets cause electricity fires and damage your home contents. Do check out some of the tips in this article to minimise your risk of electrical fires, and you might even be able to reduce your insurance premiums. In winter months, the risks increase, because more heating and electrical appliances are in use. The fact is that most fires are caused by faulty electrical outlets and old wiring, but problems with extension and other chords are also a home fire risk. It does bear repetition to fit smoke alarms ! You only need one if you have a small dwelling, but if you live in a large house or one where you can be unaware of what?s happening in the ?west wing?, more smoke detectors are a must. If you have a smoke detector it can help you reduce premiums with companies such as Tesco Home Contents Insurance or Direct Line Home Insurance. Don?t forget to tell your insurance company that you have working smoke alarms in your home, this can only benefit your levels of premium ? they won?t go up! Do check your appliances and wiring from time to time, and replace any split or frayed chords as soon as possible. Keep wet things away from electrical things and pay attention to safety labels on appliances you buy second hand, or from cheaper shops. Electrical tools can be a cause of concern because the chords can become cracked or old when the equipment has been lying around for a long time. Finally, don?t allow young kids or toddlers to play with irons, hair dryers and the like; they can easily be left on and near dangerously combustible items such as fabrics, curtains, carpets and papers.

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