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Watch out for those pots!

Home insurance companies are being set up to face the cost of a gym membership ? the economic climate is beginning to drive people to do more exercise in the comfort of their own homes rather than pay for that expensive gym membership.

As a result, things are starting to be broken in the home as the restricted area and unsuitable equipment causes accidents, sometimes of expensive items. Insurance companies have even had to pay out for the cost of broken TVs, as well as people who fall over items of furniture, breaking lamps, hi fi equipment and even televisions.

If you are determined to exercise at home, the recommendation is to ensure that you have plenty of space, doing exercise outside or in a clutter-free environment. Ensure that you have the right equipment for the exercise you want to do, and that people can?t suddenly barge in to you as you balance on your medicine ball causing a complete disaster!

The same problem is true when the children are at home during the summer, especially when it?s raining outside (like it might just be at the moment!). Broken vases, shorted electronic equipment and all those damaged carpets lead to increased claims on insurance companies.

Accidents do happen, so to save yourself making a claim and all of the hassle that goes with that, do be careful. It?s also true that there are over one million household accidents each year which account for over twenty percent of all home insurance incidents. The cost of the damage caused by teenagers alone is in excess of sixty million pounds!

The moral of the story is not to exercise at home in the summer time when the kids are about and playing ? it could be a complete recipe for disaster!

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