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Don't let apathy rule when you are shopping for home insurance

Don?t let apathy be king when you?re renewing your home insurance

It?s good to know that the increased media coverage for car insurance has reminded people that they don?t need to automatically renew with their existing home insurance company; far from it, there are plenty of companies around that will offer great value deals for new home insurance customers.

In fact, the best way to arrange your home insurance cover is to shop anew each year with getting a good valud deal in mind; the best deals out there are frequently targetted at capturing ?new? customers. Old home, new customer, cheaper insurance ? sounds good to us!

First year discounts can be far more generous for new customers than for existing customers. This means that you are in danger of penalising yourself if you don?t shop around for a bargain, although it isn?t completely impossible that your current provided hasn?t got you the best deal, it?s always worth looking around. That is doubly true if you have had the same insurance provided for some time, they will only be looking to keep you if you show any signs of wanting to leave!

Some of the leading offers that are available can be found at Tesco Home Insurance who have a Value option that cuts down on a number of things you may not want, and if you run a home office you could consider the esure.com home insurance package which allows you to insure up to ?10,000 of personal office equipment such as PCs, fax machines and the like.

Prudential Home Insurance are one of only a few insurers that offer Home Emergency Assistance which means they will organise a trained professional (like a plumber or an electrician) to visit your home in case of a claim situation arising.

Take a short break to shop around, you may be saving yourself a large amount of money ? and getting a better deal in the process!

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