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Standard Items To Consider When Buying Home Insurance

Standard Items To Consider When Buying Home Insurance Here is a list of things you might want to consider when you are looking for home insurance. A number of insurers will not insure you - or at least will charge more - if they are true. The list is - If you leave your house unoccupied for more than 28 days - If your home is not in a state of good repair - If your home has suffered from flooding in the last ten years - If you are not the owner of the house and you want contents insurance - If your home is not your permanent residence (that is, you are living there at the weekends or in the holidays) - If your home has had subsidence, land slip or you are in an area where homes have been subject to this kind of difficulty. - If you or any tenants you have staying in your home have been convicted of a criminal offence or have any criminal prosecutions pending For any of the above, you need to carefully check with the insurance company to see what if any impact it has on your premiums. Getting these factors checked out will not necessarily prevent you from taking out home contents insurance policies, but it might affect the price you pay. For the best way of shopping around in the home contents insurance market., and to see what offers are out there in the home contents insurance marketplace, it is worth checking out the home insurance listings sites to compare various home contents insurance packages. One of these is homecontentsinsurance org uk which the author has written further articles for. This site carries live links and details of the latest deals for home contents insurance in the UK.

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