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Ensure you are fully covered with your home contents

Ensure you are adequately covered for your Home Contents

People just go out and buy home contents insurance. However, although they'll look around for the best price, it's important to remember that it's also what is covered under the policy, and what's not covered, that feeds into the premium costs and the cover that's in there.

You need to know if your expensive hi-fi, your diamond jewellery and your complicated TV and DVD system are fully covered. Are they?

You will want to know if your game system DVDs are all covered. If you bought 40 games or 40 DVDs, are they all individually covered and can you replace them?

Ah, but I don't know which DVDs I have you say! How many years ago ? and how many different films, music and videos do you actually own? It?s a tough one to get time to do, but you?ll be glad you did if the worst happened.

You need to take stock at some point, it is very important to do this if the items you value the most are of significant worth. How easy is it to replace that old gramaphone? Do they still make that old super 8 projector? What about that old video player that has the family film on it?

It soon becomes obvious that having full home contents insurance cover is vital, but also that you need to make your home secure and safe so that the risk of getting into that ugly situation where you have to work out your losses and put a claim in is totally minimised.

Do yourself a favour - secure your home, insure your stuff, live happily ever after! Online discounts from home contents insurance companies can significantly reduce the cost of preserving a happy life.

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