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Details of Home Insurance

U.K. Home Insurance has specified certain Standards of Providing Quality fittings in the property. By following the Standards of Insurance Companies, in providing fittings of Certified Standard quality there is a possibility in the Reduction of the premium amount to be paid by the owner of the Home Property. Following guide lines are suggested for getting reduction in the Premium Amount.

? Changing locking devices: In case you are moving to a new home, it cannot be determined that previous occupant of the accommodation may be keeping a set of keys. So it is advisable to change the lock. The insurance companies recommend mortise locks, for external doors, having five lever operation for added safety. It is important to maintain locks. The windows are required have two bolt closing and locking system.

? Installation of Reputed Home Security Device: The Insurance Companies approve the Alarm System by verifying the claims of the manufactures by their experts under different conditions subjecting to all types of field tests. If found suitable, it is recommended by all the insurance companies, to be installed to claim a discount in the premium amount payment. The most proffered and recommended brand is the NACOSS. If the Home Property is fitted with this brand there is 7.5 % rebate in the premium amount payable.

? Time-switch lights: The Home Property becomes highly susceptible to burglary during your absence from home. Time switching lights System gives the impression of your presence in house.

? When Out for Few Days: It is advisable to cancel newspaper supply and milk supply. Also advise a trustworthy person regarding routinely opening and closing of curtain cloth and pick up posts delivered.

? Keeping Keys: Don?t keep the keys at places like beneath a doormat. The place of keeping keys should be not near the door. Because through the letter box window the thieves can spot the keys and by a hook can take out the keys and carry out the theft.

? Installation of Security Feature Lights: The lights should focus on the Visitor to be able to see and identify who is the visitor. This shall scare the unwanted visitor when a spotlight gets focused on him.

? Join a neighborhood watch campaign: By doing so you can get a rebate reduction in the premium payable. This information is to be conveyed to the insurance Company providing the Insurance Service.

? Prevent Freezing of Water causing Pipes Burst: When you feel pipe is frozen, close the water valve and over head tank for stopping water flow and allow it to go out.

? Covering of Garden Walls: A single most problem affecting the safety of the Home is to ensure that the Garden walls are adequately covered.

? Fire Safety: Ensure providing an effective smoke alarm system. Proper measures are to be built in to prevent fire accidents. Many fire incidents take place in homes due to smoking or cooking. Prohibit smoking while in the bed. Extinguish cigarette buts properly before throwing. While the food is being cooked it should be supervised by a person do not leave it unattended. While going to bed make a check that every thing is alright and gas knob and burner are closed.

Keep Match Sticks out of reach of children.

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