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Taking Home Insurance:
The following points are to be kept in mind when you plan to take up a home insurance.
1. An insurance agent should be informed that what are your occupation, where do you work, where do you stay and how much you earn. As according to him you are ?a risk factor?.
2. Enquire about your home?s value and get it estimated so that you can choose the policy suitable for you.
3. Do a comparison between companies and different products they offer on your home insurance. Because each company quote each product differently. Don?t take a hasty decision as you have already planned to take up a home insurance.
4. Don?t go for a low price and bargain. What you want is a good product and service as well as financial stability of the insurer to get a good and safe insurance product.
5. Don?t take up only the basic homeowner?s policy as it cannot fully substitute what you need.
6. Without forgetting ask for the discounts. According a survey conducted almost $300 million is wasted by Americans by forgetting their discounts.
7. Even if the insurer is your friend don?t compensate on your claims. You prove your losses and get your claims without fail.
8. Keep all the documents ready to file for your claims so that they don?t surprise by asking something new when you are expecting your claims.

Necessity of taking home insurance:
When any damage has happens then only you will be able to remember the things and possessions you had at home? It is not possible to remember and list everything for your claims. So you should have an inventory up to date so that it would be easier for you while you are applying for your claims. Make a list of things, where you bought them and the cost, make and model. And make a file and attach the bills documents, warranty cards, etc. to the list itself. Foe clothes you can list the number of pants you have, shirts you have colors, brands, etc. If they are electronic or electrical items then make a note of the serial number found on it. Don?t be disappointed! You may feel disappointed and lazy because it would be tougher to make a list of things you have at your home if you are staying in the same house for many years. But it would be easy if you are setting up a new home. But don?t worry make a list of as many things as you can. It is better to have something than nothing.

Make a Separate Insurance- For certain items like jewellery and other silverwares you cannot claim under your home insurance. So take them to a person who values and value them and insure them separately.

You can take a Photo or a Video or a PC- You can take photographs and videos and tape them of the rooms in your house and individual items. While you are taking a video try to describe each and everything in the room . You can make a list in your PC and store it in CD or a DVD.

Keep the recorded things safely- It is not enough to take a list or record it as a photograph or a video tape or a CD. It should be kept safely in a safety locker at your bank and leave the keys with your friend or keep it safe in your friend?s or relative?s place. Then at least you will have something to produce to your insurer at the time of submitting at the time of filing for a replacement. The above are the things that you should keep in mind when you are applying for a home insurance.

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