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Floods and Home Contents Insurance

Flooding is something that is occurring more and more in the UK as the years go by. You may recall several severe cases of flooding in Boscastle in 2004 and in Hull in 2007. Both of these incidents devastated lives and homes and it is predicted that it is only going to get worse in the years ahead.

This is where it pays to ensure that you have the right home contents insurance, particularly if you live in one of the areas identified as being of high risk for flooding. Even if you don?t live in one of these areas, it is still prudent to get the right cover. Mother Nature is unpredictable and only she knows where she will strike next.

Most basic home contents insurance policies will cover you for flood damage. The insurers will repair, replace or give the equivalent value of the items in your home that were damaged by the flood water. With serious incidents of flooding, it can take weeks to clear up the mess and be able to get back into your home. So where do you stay in the meantime? This is where it pays to check your insurance policy for cover for temporary accommodation.

If you are covered for temporary accommodation due to flooding, then it is the insurer?s job to pay all the invoices for Bed & Breakfasts or hotels. Some insurers will pay something towards food and drink if you have to eat out every night whilst in temporary accommodation. If you do not have this cover, then it may leave you forking out a lot of money from your own pocket. And this will undoubtedly add to the stress and pressure of your situation. These are things to think about when you take out your home contents insurance policy. It is wise to check what support is in place should your home be the victim of a flood.

The premiums that you pay to the insurance company may be higher if you live in an area that is prone to flooding. You can shop around for the cheapest deal to save some cash. It is also prudent to increase your excess a little as this can mean that your monthly premiums will be lower. If you get a good quote from an insurer, paying it off in one lump sum usually works out cheaper too. This is because you are paying interest every month when you spread the cost out over the year.

By ensuring that you get the right cover on your home contents insurance from the start, you can avoid adding stress to the situation should Mother Nature decide that today is your unlucky day.

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