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Your Home Contents Insurance and Theft

Burglary is one of the biggest causes of insurance claims in the United Kingdom. There is an estimated 4% rise alone in domestic burglaries in this year to date. It is becoming more important to take the steps needed to safeguard your home and to get the right contents insurance cover to protect you from financial loss.

It may astonish you to read that as much as 29% of burglaries are classed as unforced burglaries. This basically means that the thief has entered through an open and unlocked window or door. And with one in six homeowners without contents insurance, this can be a costly move.

Usually standard contents insurance policies will cover theft or attempted theft even if the premises is unlocked and you are at home. It is common during the summer months for thieves to sneak into a property when you are there and steal small possessions such as car keys, wallets and jewellery. It is best to check where your policy stands if you have left the house unsecure when you go out.

If you live in one of the areas that has been identified as a high risk area for burglary, there are steps you can take to help lower your premiums. Firstly, install window locks and chains on your doors. Many insurers will have a set list of approved locks and if you have these fitted, then it helps to lower the cost. Install a burglar alarm and security lighting on the outside of your property.

You can also purchase a safe to keep all of your valuable items such as jewellery safely stored away in case of a break in to your home. Join or start a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and tell the insurance company that there is one set up in your area. Finally, try to keep valuable belongings out of the sight of passers by. Some thieves work on an opportunity basis and if they see valuables sitting out, they may decide to target your home.

When you leave your property, ensure that all of the mentioned security measures are implicated to minimise the chance of your belongings being stolen. Adopting the ?it will not happen to me? attitude may only lead to you having to make an insurance claim for theft.

It is important to check your home contents insurance policy booklet to check for any exclusions. This helps you to determine whether you can make an eligible claim or not should you be the victim of this horrific crime.

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