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Personal Belongings And Your Home Contents Insurance

Many people assume that their home contents insurance policy automatically covers their personal belongings. This may be the case if the items are kept within the boundaries of your property but the rules may change is you take them elsewhere.Firstly, you need to check if your basic home contents insurance policy includes your personal belongings. Normally it will be there but if not, the insurance company will have an option to include this. Personal belongings are generally defined as things that you wear or carry on your person. It is not usually the case that important documents such as driving licenses are included in this definition. Check the policy information to be absolutely certain.

You may also wish to specify any belongings that are very valuable separately on your policy. For example, you may have a ring that is worth ?1,500. If this ring was lost or stolen and was not specified for the amount of ?1,500 on the policy, you may receive less money from the insurers. Obviously, this would be a shame - so check with the insurance company policy what the limits are for payours of personal belongings and ensure valuable items are identified and covered.As well as this, look to whether the home contents insurance policy covers personal belongings whist you are outside of the UK. Your basic policy may only cover your belongings in your home or when travelling throughout the British Isles. However, some will cover items abroad, although a specific period of time that is covered may well be included in the policy detail.

If you have kids that are going to university or college, the insurance company should be told so that the right cover is given for their belongings on campus.

Your belongings may get lost or stolen in any number of ways, but with the right protection and policy cover in place, the home contents insurance premiums will ensure you can replace lost or stolen items without undue stress. With the added caveat of including particularly valuable items, this will ensure you are not hit with a surprising big loss.

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