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Reducing Your Premium Costs For Home Contents Insurance

If you have just bought your first home or have moved into your own rented property, it pays to have home contents insurance in place. Issues may arise at any time, and if you need to claim, having the insurance organised by way of a home contents insurance policy is pretty essential.

There are many policies to choose from when it comes to covering your belongings and it pays to shop around. Some things that you can do to reduce your premiums are fairly obvious. Firstly, make sure that your home has sturdy and secure locks on all windows and doors. Install a burglar alarm and security lighting. Make sure any garages or sheds have padlocks.

These security measures can help to lower the cost of your insurance; you are showing the insurer that you have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure your home is burglar proof. It is estimated that approximately 29% of burglaries are unforced. This means that the thief has obtained access to the property without having to break in. Leaving your home unsecure may mean that any resultant burglary claim may not be covered by your policy.

You will be asked for many details when you request a home contents insurance quote from insurers. You must be honest and tell about all the security measures you have put in place. For example, tell them if you have installed a safe in your property to keep your valuables locked away. This helps to lower the cost because it is an effective step against any possible theft of the insured items. Also ensuring that the insurance company is aware of any Neighbourhood Watch schemes in our area can help to reduce the cost.

Another way to reduce the amount you will pay is to increase the amount of excess payable in the event of a claim. The excess for most insurers is in the region of ?50 per claim. This low amount usually means there is a bit added on to the premium. Increasing the excess will reduce the cost of a claim overall. It is also recommended that you pay your insurance premium in one lump sum if possible. By paying it in monthly instalments there is interest added onto it, which means you are paying that little bit more than you would by paying it off from the start.

If you have bought your home, you are most likely looking at buying buildings and home contents insurance. Putting the two together will usually give a lower price from the same insurer. Shop around for quotes for both combined and individual policies to see which option works out best for you.

Having a look around on the internet will secure some of the cheapest home insurance deals for contents and buildings. Many insurers offer online discounts and deals if you decide to buy your contents insurance from them online. It can take a bit of time, but it is best to get as many quotes as you can or you may miss out on those extra savings.

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