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Getting the right home contents insurance

The internet has enabled consumers looking for a better deal on their home insurance to shop around and find great deals. The ability to choose between benefits on offer gives the customer the best capability to find the home insurance policy and achieve discounts and combination opportunities that simply weren?t available in times past.

The best offers will be available for a short time only, and typically will be targeted at those people who are new to a particular company. In short, insurance companies are always looking to grow their customer base and particularly are looking to find new customers who will stay with them for a long time, especially lower risk customers who will not be likely to claim on their policy.

However, all insurance policies have the potential to be the start of a claim and the experience of those who have claimed previously has meant that people are generally happier with UK based call centres and making claims purely by telephone without the need for a home visit. It does depend on the kind of claim, because a more expensive claim will need a loss adjuster to verify the items lost, damaged or stolen in a home contents insurance claim.

Budgets are increasingly tight and the insurance companies are aware of this; as a result, you might be attracted to superficially low premiums but find when a small claim is due that the cost of the excess ? the amount you have to pay to start claiming money on a policy ? is rather larger than you might want. The higher the excess on a policy, the cheaper it will be. But that means only the larger claims will ever end up being settled by the insurance company, which is probably something to take into account when shopping around for the best policy.

Do take care when looking for home insurance to get the right additional cover ? for example, legal charges and ?specials? like wedding or Christmas cover, or for high value items. More information can be found on these elsewhere on the site and in other articles by George Carr for Home Contents Insurance website.

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