Zurich home insurance


The Swiss insurer Zurich provide cover for all the kind of things that make your home a home. They insure the sum selected by you - that is not always the case with other insurers.
They cover all contents such as household goods, personal property valuables to a £2,500 limit. They cover office equipment used for your business up to a big limit of £10,000 also.
Zurich Home Insurance are a major name in the insurance industry and you cannot go wrong in terms of getting a good deal for your home contents insurance needs.

Contents CoverSum insured
The sum insured selected by you

Accidental damage (e.g. spilling wine on a carpet)
If selected by you

Valuables limit
40% of Contents sum insured

Valuables single article limit

Money and credit and debit cards in the home

All contents coveredhousehold goods and personal property;
satellite television-receiving equipment and television and radio aerials;
money or the unauthorised use of a charge, credit or debit card up to £500 (you and your family must keep to your card issuer’s conditions);
pedal cycles up to £500 for any one pedal cycle including accessories;
office equipment used for your business, profession or trade up to £10,000;
loss of oil or metered water up to £1,000 following accidental damage to the water or heating system.

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